Baked Tomatoes with a Twist


Looking for a delicious and easy way to use the remaining tomatoes at the back of your fridge? Want to impress your roommate? Best friend? Significant Other? …but want to make something easy?


I literally made these delicious tomatoes in 15 minutes (with baking time). Below is the recipe. Enjoy.

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 10-15 minutes depending on your oven

Oven Temp: 425


  • Halved tomatoes (quantity is completely up to you!)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 slice of Motz (Mozzarella Cheese 🙂 ) per tomato half
  • Oregano or Italian Seasoning if you’d prefer
  • Basalmic dressing


  • Make sure your tomatoes are washed and halved. Place them on a baking sheet.
  • Salt and Pepper your tomato to taste.
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 425ºF.
  • Add motz slices to each tomato.
  • Sprinkle with your seasoning of choice.
  • Return to the oven and turn it to broil until your cheese is nice and melty with some pretty brown spots.
  • Remove your masterpiece from the oven….drizzle basalmic over the tomatoes and ENJOY!


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xoxo, Jordyn


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