New Year, More Posts!

CHEERS to 2017!

 Hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2017 thus far! I feel like I’ve already done so much since the 1st between visiting my family in Michigan, to attending a play in Chicago!

This year I’ve made the promise to myself…(and to you all)…that I will build the best version of this blog that I can! No more posting when I remember, I’m making this blog a priority! My goal for 2017 is to build my sight so that people want to share my recipes, and so that they keep coming back for future posts. I’ll admit, since I’ve started all of this, I’ve been very lax about posting recipes, and hoped that my site would “magically” take-off. Wrong-O. With all of my effort I’ve put into dreaming about this becoming a business, I actually need to put in the work of a full time job!

All I ask of you; as viewers, is that you comment and share whenever you feel connected to a recipe or post that I share. Most of my creations are the product of me playing around in the kitchen. Since my diagnosis, I’ve had to learn an entirely new way of cooking…so I’m hoping that if I make gluten free, or corn free, or even vegan friendly options more available for viewers…that I’m doing my part in this food industry! You’ll even get some of my family’s prized recipes! So please, please, please share, and comment. Even if you have critiques or need further specification on a portion of the post!

Each week i will try to post 1-2 recipes and hopefully will gear them towards the time of season, or holidays. So keep a look out for my first post of 2017 which should be coming out tonight or tomorrow!

**Side thought (feedback wanted)**
Would any of you be interested in food prep design from week to week, and perhaps personalized menus? Would you be willing to pay for any services? I’m looking to build this into more than just a blog, but a business!

xoxo, Jordyn

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